About Sally Rose Renner...

I am an artist, as well as lviving on a farm with my husband, two young children, our doggy Molly and 3 cats! Making a big change from living in Leicester to residing in rural Rutland has influenced my work, bringing more nature and animals into it. My drawings are highly detailed, sometimes delicate and sometimes bold, your eye will always be drawn in and keep finding new details.


My wishes are to one day illustrate a children's story book and design some lovely textile patterns. I also have some ideas for teapots and cups and saucers. I can dream can't I...











Artwork has been commissioned and purchased by clients including, Tom Meigham (Kasabian), Lee Starkey, Rutland County Museum, Bulb Studios, Leicester Museums Collection, the leader of Leicester City Council, Pedestrian, The City Gallery and more.



Phoenix Square & me 1